What is an App Configuration

An app configuration is a simple way to explain how you want your app to work. Some simple questions it could help answer - what sort of data do you want to input? what kind of prompt do you want to call each time you create a new app? what sort of questions do you expect your users to ask?

Note You can always come back and change your app configurations! One way of testing different configurations is on our playground - berri.ai/.

Types of App Configurations

Today, Berri supports 2 types of App Configs. This is primarily influenced by the data type you’re submitting.

  1. URL Configs (Use this if you want to query a scraped website, or connect with an API Endpoint)
  2. File Configs (Use this if you want to upload a single file - .csv, .pdf. .docx, .txt, .pptx or multiple files - .zip)